Tips for Packing the Children’s Suitcases when Going on Vacation

Helping your child pack will ensure that he brings everything he needs for your family trip.

Packing for a vacation is stressful when trying to figure out how many outfits to actually bring. The weather changes from hot and humid to wet and cold in some areas on a regular basis. The simplest way to pack for children is light. The majority of travel destinations have laundry facilities located in the hotels or in a fairly close vicinity so if worse comes to worse, their outfits can be laundered.

When traveling for a five day vacation, pack five short outfits, a bathing suit, 6 pairs of underwear, two/three pairs of socks, one pair of jeans with a shirt, one pair of pajamas and a sweat suit for chilly nights. There really isn’t a need to pack a dressy outfit unless you plan on taking the children to a formal dinner while on vacation. They should have a pair of sandals and a pair of tennis shoes for days when a lot of walking will occur. To get the children excited about the vacation it often helps to let them pick out one or two of their favorite outfits for the trip, it prevents them from “not having anything” to wear.

Also letting the children have their own suitcase prevents the need to dig through the clothing trying to find a specific Childs clothing. There are several styles of children’s suitcases available that are the perfect size for packing a weeks worth of outfits without taking up a bunch of room in the trunk. Remember to pack any prescription medications for the children as well. You will need to pack sun block, chap stick, shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste as well.

To keep the kids occupied during the driving portion of the trip, pack a entertainment bag for the ride. For younger children pack coloring books, crayons, story book, a favorite stuffed animal or doll, individual packages of crackers, juice boxes and if you will be having lunch within a few hours of leaving home, adding a peanut butter sandwich will give them something more filling.

Packing a light picnic lunch that will stay safe until you can stop, average about four hours, is a great idea. The family can stop at a rest area when about half way to the destination and have a picnic as well as a break from the car. It will also save some money that would otherwise be spent at a fast food place along the way.

Pack some bottles of water, fruit, fruit snacks and cut up vegetables for the family to snack on during the ride. Also bringing along a family game such as pictionary or cards will help to make the trip go quicker without the kids asking to stop every mile or two.